About Narratives

Narratives is distinguished for its publications offering strategic analyses and solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan, such as insecurity and violence, militancy, radicalism and intrastate and inter-state conflicts in Pakistan and the wider region.

Narratives pledges to expand knowledge base on social, cultural, political and developmental themes of contemporary relevance to Pakistan and its society.

Narratives strive to offer creative and innovative publications with strengths in academic, research-based and alternative narratives. 

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan still the most potent threat, followed by nationalist insurgents – PIPS “Pakistan Security Report 2017”

Narratives present audio books of Sadaat Hassan Manto

Narratives present audiobooks of Sadaat Hassan Manto, a renowned fiction writer of Urdu. Saadat Hassan Manto is a renowned fiction writer of Urdu. He lived for mere 42 years, but through his characters, he explored such societal and religious conflicts, that we generally don't consider him capable. His writing style has been such that critics of Urdu literature have been forced to write that "Manto will live as long as Urdu language lives."

Visual Report: Code of Ethics (CoE) for Media in Pakistan

Visual Report: How to achieve social harmony in Pakistan?


On the edge (English)

Directed by Hafeez Chachar
A Narratives production in association with Pak Institute for Peace Studies
This documentary focus on the issues of Non-Muslims in Pakistan. The Non-Muslims in Pakistan are facing multiple discrimination in the society. This documentary depict root causes of their problems. Their rights are continuously being suppressed and they tend to live in marginalization and vulnerability.

On the edge (Urdu)


The City Lost in History (English)

The documentary depicts ancient city of Taxila as a symbol of peace, love and peaceful co-existence in the historical context. The documentary also highlights the dangers and destruction facing Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

The City Lost in History (Urdu)
تاریخ میں گم ہوتا شہر

Asha Ik Umeed

Let Pakistan Be our Faith

A Pak Institute for Peace Studies, Narratives and CRS joint production, “Asha ik Umeed” highlights the positive role played by non-Muslims in improving social cohesion in Pakistan. Written and directed by Kashif Nisar, the film narrates the story of a brave girl Asha who runs a school in a multi-religious suburb of her city. Besides describing the cross-faith relations and behaviors in the surrounding, the story of the film revolves around the valor and courage of Asha to protect her school and hopes of peace in a scintillating and heart-touching way.

Written & directed by Kashif Nisar
Executive producer: Khawar Azhar

Our Hero Our Ideals (An Urdu Documentary)

Our Heroes - Our Ideals: The documentary highlights the role and contribution of national heroes and legends hailing from religious minorities for independence of Pakistan and also in the post-independence context. 

Written by Sajjad Azhar
Directed by Hafeez Chachar

Peace songs Aman ki Fakhta

Singer : Talal Humayun
Composer & lyricist : Ammar Bilal

Peace songs Husool-e-Aman

Singer: Abdullah Qureshi
Composer & lyricist : Musa Javaid